Instructions for submission of APF for SCVT/Teacher Training/Art and Craft candidates


Step 1

Admission-cum-permission Form (APF) file of SCVT Semester System (Regular & Reappear)/SCVT (Conventional) / Teacher Training/ Art and Craft students consisting of semester wise student's Institute Code, Registration no., Student's name, Class, Exam type, Course code, Branch name and status of receival o. These files are available on Boards website. Institutes should download these files immediately. The status of receival in these files should be changed from o to for those eligible students for which APF forms have been received in the Institute. Institutes should mark all such students with very carefully in this excel file as any error in the same will lead to delay in issue of admit card and attendance sheet.

Step 2

Once all the forms has been marked as , Institutes will create a summary of data received. Please fill fee details in these summary form, verify and re-verify same to avoid any error. Principal should make sure that he/she has signed and stamped this proforma. 

Step 3

Institutes will download fee receipt from Board's web site. Fill fee details in fee receipt along with other required details

Principal should sign this fee receipt and deposit the fee in nearest bank branch as mentioned in letter. Institutes should retain Institute's copy of fee receipt. 

Step 4

  • Scan summary page duly attested by Principal.

  • Scan fee receipt

  • Subject of this e-mail should be "APF files from <Name of Institute (Institute Code)*>" and attach scanned copy of summery file, excel file and fee receipt.

  • Send this email on or before scheduled date provided by the Board at and with scanned files along with the excel files .

             * Institute code will be provided by the Institute.

Institute will scan the summary page (Step 2) and fee receipt (Step 3) and will send these scanned files along with the excel (Step 1) file at : and

For any other APF / fee related queries : Contact directly district dealing Assistant.

  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

SCVT Semester System
(Regular & Reappear)/
SCVT Conventional

Download APF file  Download
Summary page

Download Bank Slip

  Teacher Training Download APF file  Download
Summary page

Download Bank Slip

  Art and Craft Download APF file  Download
Summary page
Download Bank Slip

Note : As fee for all above trades will be deposited in Board's account in nearest Bank branch.
Performa for Bank Slip is available on website.