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Note : Institutes please note that list of  readmission cases and elective subjects opted  for sixth semester should be          
at  and  Also make sure that this information is sent
            by 30th March’ 2015. The Format may be downloaded from Board's website :

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ਪ੍ਰੀਖਿਆ ਕੇਂਦਰਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਨਕਲ (Copying/Cheating/Unfair Means) ਦੀ ਰੋਕਥਾਮ ਯਕੀਨੀ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਬਾਰੇ|

 PSBTE/DA/2018/1210 04.04.18

    Regarding installation of Biometric Attendance system from 2018-19 Session       (Latest)

 PSBTE/Exam/716 28.03.18

    Re-Admission — regarding                                                                                                   (Latest)

 PSBTE/DA/2018/556 01.02.18

Establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee and appointment of OMBUDSMAN by the Board

 Putia/2018/878 23.01.18

Advertisement regarding extension in date of submission of application for continuation of affiliation for the year 2018-19

 PSBTE/DA/2018/38 25.01.18

Date extended till 12/02/2018 for submission of full fee concession/ scholarship forms (session 2017-18 batch) of diploma students-regarding 

 PSBTE/DA/2018/253 16.01.18

Inclusion of visit of Science City in course of Technical Education Institutions of Punjab.

 PSBTE/DA/2018/51 05.01.18

Replacing the existing Diploma course having Computer Engineering nomenclature with Computer Science and Engineering from session 2018-19 onwards -Revised 

 PSBTE/DA/2018/47 05.01.18

Restoration of Affiliation of the institutes with PSBTE & IT after the break  

 PSBTE/DA/2018/38 05.01.18

Grant of Finance Assistance to Students hailing from economically weaker sections of the society— regarding   

 PSBTE/DA/2017 27.12.17

Affiliation process for session 2018-19 regarding.     
Click relevant to download-

 Letter 21.12.17

Regarding correction of discrepancies in course Nomenclature-regarding

 PSBTE/2017/2192 25.10.17

Regarding installation of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in all Government / Private Polytechnic and Pharmacy Institutions in the State of Punjab & Chandigarh.

 PSBTE/Exam/1652 24.10.17

    Re-Admission — regarding    

 PSBTE/Exam/1510 22.09.17

Re-Admission — regarding        

 PSBTE/Acad/2017/1958 18.09.17

Regarding Providing of details of student admitted in your institute during the 1st and 2nd counseling - (for reconciliation of fee accounts)

 PSBTE/Acad/2017/1924 13.09.17

Online fee refund of session 2017-18 - Regarding

  PSBTE/DA/2017/1814 01.09.17

Regarding submission of Fee detail and admission detail of admitted students for 3rd round of online counseling (direct admissions) for session 2017-18

 PSBTE/Acad/2017/1789 31.08.17

Regarding visit of Pushpa Gujral Science City, Jalandhar For Polytechnic Candidates

 PSBTE/Accounts/1627 16.08.17

Detail of bank for fee depositing by the Institutes of third counseling round

 PSBTE/Accounts/1627 14.08.17

Fee depositing by the Institutes of third round (direct admission) of online counseling 2017-18 -regarding

 PSBTE/ACAD/2017/1519 26.07.17

Application for  refund of Online Admission Fee for session 2017-18-regarding

 PSBTE/ACAD/2017/1449 18.07.17

Filling up of Vacant Seats after  closure of second round of  online counseling of Diploma, LEET, PTD, LEET PTD, Aircraft Maintenance Engg. Diploma in Pharmacy and Modern Office Practice - Regarding

  PSB/1124   13.06.17

All the Government and Aided  Institutions please  download  the  attached format regarding detail of CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) System Installed 
in Govt. and Aided Institutions.

Take a  printout of  proforma and  fill the required  fields. Then get it  signed from the Principal  with the seal  of the  Institute.   Scan the  duly filled  proforma  and send as attachment with email on Board's email address : by
16th June 2017.

For any queries in this regard contact on phone No. 0172-2622586 (Computer Section).  
- Click here to download Letter and Proforma.

 PSB/1060  31.05.17

All the Government and  Aided Institutions please download the attached format regarding Information for installation of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS).

Take a  printout of performa  and fill the required fields. Then  get it  signed  from the Principal  with  the seal  of the  Institute.   Scan the  duly filled proforma and  send as attachment with email on Board's email address : by
7th June 2017.

For any queries in this regard contact on phone No. 0172-2622586 (Computer Section).
- Click here to download Letter and Performa.

 PSB/Adm2017/768 23.05.17
 PSB/Adm2017/662 08.05.17
 PSB/Exam/DA/870 05.05.17
 Noting 27.04.17
 PSB/Exam/17/393 20.03.17
 Noting 16.03.17
 PSBTE/Exam/271 23.02.17
 PSB/DA/2016 30.12.16
 PSB/DA/2016/2694 20.12.16
 PSBTE/1754 08.12.16
 Noting 25.11.16
 PSEB/Exam/16/1661 24.11.16
 PSEB/Exam/16/1653 23.11.16
 Noting 23.11.16
 PSB/JET/Letter/16/1637 20.11.16
 PSBTE/Exam/1364 22.09.16


 PSBTE/Exam/1287 15.09.16
 PSBTE/Exam/1230 07.09.16
 PSB/IT/DA/16/1802 23.08.16
 PSB/Exam/2074 Aug'16
 PSB/DA/2016/1238 June'16
 PSBTE/283 Mar'16
  • Last Date extended till 20th January, 2016 for Affiliation process 2016-17

 Noting Nov'15
  • Extension in the date till 15th December 2015 for submission of Fee Concession/
    Scholarship forms of
    Diploma students (Session 2015-16)

 PSB /DA/2015/2075 Nov'15
 PSB /Exam/ Nov'15
 PSB /Exam/15/672. Oct'15
 PSB/DA/F Con/1781
 PSBETIT/1299 Aug'15
 PSBETIT/1257 Aug'15
 PSBETIT/1195 Aug'15
 PSBETIT/S77 Aug'15
 PSB/JET/Vacant/15/ 1306 July'15
 PSB /Exam/15/733. Apr'15
 PSB /Exam/14/e559 Nov'14
 PSB /Exam/14/e537 Oct'14
 PSB /Exam/14/e538 Oct'14
 Noting Oct'14
  • Extension in the date till 30th October 2014 for submission of Fee Concession/
    Scholarship forms of
    Diploma students (Session 2014-15)                                                

 PSB /DA/D.Q./2640 Sept'14
 PSB/DA/F Con/2446
 PSB /Mig/14/email/  1052 July'14
  • Migration 2014 - Regarding                                                                                                     

 PSB /DA/D.Q./3013 Dec'13
 PSB /Exam/13/e451 Dec'13
 PSB/DA/Fee C./2426 Nov'13
 PSB /Inst/R/13/e436 Nov'13
 PSB /Exam/13/e427 Oct'13
 PSB/DA /Fee Concession/ 2426 Oct'13
 PSB /Board/ Check & Bal./13/1349 Oct'13
 PSB/2266 Sept'13
  • Final Notice for Fee Remittance                                                                                               

 PSB/JET/R/12/e 388 July'13
 PSB/D.Sheet/May'13 May'13
 PSB/Exam-13 May'13
 PSB/Exam-13/e-364 May'13
 PSB/R/Exam/13/e 360 May'13
 PSB/Exam-13/e-351 April'13
 PSB/Exam-13/e-352 April'13
 PSB/R/Exam/13/e-353 April'13
 PSB/Exam/12/e-341 April'13